Specs: 2019 Ford F150 STX 2.7L Ecoboost. 4×4. Rear locker.


Built Right Industries panel in the bed. Diamondback Cover SE tonneau. KB Voodoo high rise bed rack. A Tepui tent. Bed was lined with LineX. Have a high lift jack mounted too.


ProClip USA cell phone and GoPro mount. Rough Country seat covers. Blue Ridge Overland Gear visor organizers. I also built a custom dog platform in the back seats. Amazon seat divider to keep the dog out of the front seats.

Videos below.

Links to products I use or cool F-150 stuff at the bottom of the page.

Built Right Industries panel

When I got my Built right panel, it did not come with bolts. I also didn’t have bolts for the bed. If you have this problem, you will need self tapping bolts. I used the same thread as the OEM bolts from the tie down by the tailgate. They are metric M6 threads. If you can’t find self tapping bolts, use the ones from the tie down to tap the 4 holes then use whatever you found to install.

f150 dog seat
dog platform
dog bed seat conversion
Ellie on her new dog seat.
Ellie on a Diamondback Cover SE

Cool products for F-150/Raptor: (I have no affiliations)

Raingler Nets

Built Right Industries

Mountain Hatch Tailgate

Diamondback Covers

Proclip USA phone and other mounts

Addictive Desert Designs Offroad


Max Modular racks