Who we are

I’m Cody, the blog writer, video editor, mechanic, and usually the driver.

10 tree shirts

I’m Katrin, the photographer, welder/fabricator, trip planner, and dog mom!

Ellie our female Catahoula the grey and black one.

Ellie in her Ruff Wear

Floyd the big black one. Cooper, the golden boy. Both males.

Cooper, Left. Floyd, Right.
Cooper, the golden boy.


After taking a few road trips in 2016 we had introducing ourselves to what eventually blossomed into pure wanderlust. Soon we began planning trips all over Washington State and eventually the Pacific Northwest to include Northern California.

Driving through a redwood in California.

We went everywhere, from Northern California through the redwoods, all corners of Washington, and most of Oregon.

Even after I bought a truck, we weren’t sophisticated.
Us, and our dog Floyd. On the WABDR.


Katrin and I have come a long way since early 2016. New vehicle, much more gear and accessories, experience, and skills have enhanced our travels. Also, getting involved with other people who want to travel or have traveled and shared their experience with us. Come along and see what more we have in store and read our other blogs about our trips.

Wild horses on the shores of the East Coast. 2018
YouTube Introduction

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