Outdoor EDC/tool pouch: 2020

I recently bought this pouch. Thought I would share a little about it, and why I bought it.

Why? I have 2 backpacks that I lug around. One is my work bag that I take every time I go in, and the other is my Osprey bag that I take hiking.

Between these 2 bags I had stuff stashed all over and some of those things I really needed to have in both bags. Like a multi tool or small flashlight. I decided, after seeing these EDC pouches on Instagram, that one of those pouches would suit my needs. That need to not buy 2 of everything.

After searching around and seeing some over priced stuff as well as ones that were way to big and some obviously cheap junk I arrived on this Orca Tactical pouch. It seemed like a decent middle ground as far as price and function. I ordered it and so far, I’m happy with it.

Disclaimer, now that you can see inside of it and are judging the contents. This isn’t a stand alone get home bag or an end of the world kit. It’s intended to supplement each bag as a whole. Or support stuff that I carry inside of my bags and cars.

My work bag does double as my get home bag, but that’s a whole other topic.

All that said, the pouch itself has a YKK zipper and the stitching appears durable enough for my needs. The internal elastic has been more than sufficient, though time will tell if it will stretch out or not. The back of the pouch has MOLLE for attaching it to whatever or wearing it on your belt.

Zipped closed the pouch is 6 inches wide and 8 inches long. Total thickness as filled is 2.5 inches. So far, I would recommend Orca Tactical.

Diving into the contents, left to right.

Left panel.

I have a Brunton compass, Sewing kit, AAA Batteries, and forceps.

On the right side.

A DMT knife sharpener, 550 cord, fire starter, Gerber Dime, Tops knives whistle, Streamlight Micro stream flashlight, duct tape, face shield/wrap, NightIze S-biner, and in the back, a large trash bag.

In the front pouch I have 2 wax fire starters. Fire is very important after all.

I think all of these items should be pretty self explanatory. I would like to point out that forceps are great little vice grips. You can grab ticks, and splinters with them plus a million other things you might need them for.

I don’t see myself as a prepper, but I do acknowledge that the sun could make my car stop running and my money freeze with a simple Coronal Mass Ejection. Additionally, Corona virus.

How do you organize your gear? Do you hike, bike, or head into the woods often?

I am NOT affiliated with any products, manufacturers, or agencies linked above.

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