Review: CRKT M16-14SFG

If you’re outdoorsy like me, I’m sure you have a favorite knife. These are my favorite three.

TOPS Knives Wolfhawk, Left. – M16-14SFG, Center. – 10KZ, Right.

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) is 2nd on my favorite knife makers list, coming in behind TOPS Knives. At least they are my two favorite big box brands.

A little background.

I am very hard on most equipment and have broken a few CRKT’s smaller EDC (Every Day Carry) knives. During my enlistment in the Marine Corps these knives as well as other brands were sold on base and in total, I must’ve bought about 3 of the M16-10KZ knives because I liked the size for a smaller knife and decent price. They are good to put in a bag or pouch as an extra.

The first 10KZ I broke outright trying to get the safety on an M203 to switch to “fire”. I broke it trying to pry the switch which was jammed full of dirt. The other two I still have. One stays in my tool box and the other one I have given to my girlfriend Katrin to keep in her Osprey bag for hiking. They aren’t as durable as their big brother but I already have them so I’ll keep them around.

It was about 2013 when I bought the 14SFG to replace the 10KZ as well as a SOG Seal Pup that I gave away to a Belize Defense Force soldier in the months prior. Around that same time I purchased and traded a TOPS Knives MAK-7. I’m a smaller frame guy so the MAK-7 was almost a sword in my hands. There was no space on my kit for it plus it was heavy as hell, and ounces matter in this business. I traded it at a gun show for a TOPS/Battle Blades Wolfhawk. I have had a lot of other knives over the years as well.

Even though the Wolfhawk is smaller than the 14SFG I really enjoy both of these knives. Currently they are my go to knives in everyday life.

The 14SFG.

The 14SFG really came into its own while I was in Okinawa, Japan at the Jungle Warfare Training Center. This knife is not designed for bush craft but it did serve me well cutting through some vine and bamboo as well as various other related tasks. I was pleasantly surprised by its durability. I didn’t feel any flexing with the liner lock. The blade held its edge in an expected manner.

Ever since then I have carried this knife every day. I take it out hiking, trail riding when we get the dirt bikes out, and to work. I routinely use this knife for trail maintenance cutting back small branches and bushes growing onto the trail. In the Pacific Northwest that meant a lot of scotch broom and blackberry bushes. At times having to baton my way through. I continue to cut the overgrowth on the Appalachian Trail now that I live in Virginia.

The blade length is 3.99″ or 101.35mm and 0.14″ (3.56mm) thick with a tanto front end and a serrated edge at the rear with a Titanium Nitride finish. There is a liner lock and additional liner safety to prevent the blade from closing during use. The handles are G-10 and textured intelligently.

The pocket clip has been indestructible. Being held on by 3 small Allen key bolts I have been unable to damage it in any way. Even when trying to clip it over something with greater thickness than its original intended design.

The dual Carson Flippers have also demonstrated elite levels of durability. I have used them to tap or pound on things and rip open boxes. I continue to be astounded at the steels edges. The texturing has not faded despite the Titanium Nitride finish wearing off.

Carson Flipper and the pocket clip

Surprisingly, despite mud, sand, salt water, fresh water, oil, blood, and overall abuse, I have never disassembled the knife to perform any maintenance. 6 years of hard use and the blade being sharpened numerous times the locking mechanisms remain solid and actuate with a positive smooth motion, snapping in and out of position just as they did on day 1.

Overall, Carson and CRKT have designed a substantial knife considering the price. I have and continue to recommend this knife to people. Given its durability I give this knife 5/5 stars.

To buy this item follow this link here!

Comment below and tell me what your favorite knife is. Or let me know if you have this knife and what you think.

up close detail.


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